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The Website - What Your Client Sees

We've made shopping online for promotional products unbelievably easy for your clients.
Everything we do is with them in mind so that their experience is simple, clean and user-friendly.
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  • Custom Client Sites
  • Only the Top Suppliers
  • Hand Picked Products & Categories
  • Add Your Own Products & Categories
  • Client Friendly Details
  • E-commerce Ready Shopping Cart
  • Instant Email Notifications

Platform Features

  • Your clients' logo shown on every product
  • Add up to ten sites at no additional cost
  • Each site is customizable and independently controlled
Custom Client Websites

Our platform not only includes a website for your company, but also customizable websites for up to TEN of your clients. Each one can be controlled completely independently from one another, and each will show your clients' logos on every product.

Each of your sites can have its own product mix, template, store settings, etc. They are fully functioning stand-alone websites. Feel free to take a site down and replace it with a new one at any time. Should you need to have more than 10 live sites there is a one-time setup charge of $50 each.

Supplier Database Features

  • Quality over quantity and never any product placement
  • Product info & pricing kept up-to-date every day
  • Top quality, high-res images direct from the supplier
Promotional Product Supplier List

Our database includes only the top suppliers in the industry. We do not receive compensation in any way, shape or form from any supplier. If they are included in our database it is because they are the best of the best.

We've taken a "less is more" approach to the size of our database. While 100,000 products is certainly not small, we feel it is a much more manageable and realistic number for your clients to search from. You can feel confident knowing that orders placed through your website will come from suppliers you know and trust.

Catalog Features

  • Control the # of products displayed per page
  • Sort products by name, price, quantity, or date added
  • Define your own categories & products or - use one of our pre-defined mixes with the hottest items
Product Catalog Pages

Each category has just a few pages of products that represent the "best of the best". These products have been picked by our merchandising staff who have decades of combined industry experience. We do the work of sourcing what's hot for you.

The idea is that we don't overwhelm your client with page after page of items to choose from. Instead, we show them the hottest, best selling products from the best suppliers and most importantly, we don't take a dime for product placement.

Custom Product Features

  • Define an imprint area for your clients' logo
  • Define both net and sell prices for each item
  • Add an unlimited # of your own products, categories & suppliers
Custom Product Form

Need a product or category that isn't already in our database? No problem, our admin section makes it incredibly easy! All you will need is the product name, supplier & item #, and an image of the item.

Your clients' logos are still viewable on custom products that you add. Any products added will be available only to you and your clients for use in your own stores.

Advanced Search Features

  • Search by keyword, price range, and/or category
  • Control the set of products your clients can search
  • E-mail results feature so clients can share products easily
Advanced Product Search

While your categories are kept to a manageable, hand-picked amount of products, your Advanced Search will allow access to the entire database of nearly 100,000 products.

The search is broken down into far more categories than shown in the normal navigation. In addition to categories, your client can also search by keyword, price, or masked item number. You can also control if the search includes every item in the database or only the products, categories, and suppliers you have specifically enabled. You can disable the search completely as well.

Industry Specific Features

  • Supplier, item # & net price are hidden from your clients
  • Create a unique SKU prefix for each store
  • Mark up products by a margin or specific percentage
Client Friendly Details

Your client sees only what they need to - and none of what they don't. Only you can see the supplier, item number, and price code of a product. Your client won't be able to quote you out to a competitor and they won't be distracted by information they don't need in order to make a purchasing decision.

We mask the actual item number with a random number that has no correspondence to the real supplier. You can control the SKU prefix of this number and it's an easy way to seach for the item in the admin when you need the supplier information. Clients can also use that number to locate items in the store front easily.

Shopping Cart Features

  • Order multiple colors & sizes with ease
  • Optional secure e-commerce credit card feature
  • Set cart options such as minimum order price, embroidery price, sample price, etc.
E-Commerce Shopping Cart

Order multiple sizes and colors all on the same form. No need to keep adding products to the cart for each color or size your client wishes to order.

An optional credit card feature allows you to securely capture and store your client's card information. When you're ready to charge the customer, just login to the admin system to retrieve the credit card data.

E-Mail Features

  • Get instant e-mail notifications sent to multiple addresses
  • Send client-friendly copies to manangers and 3rd parties
  • Notification contains everything you need to place the order
Instant E-mail Notifications

Your client can place an order or request more information at any point while browsing the site. After it's placed, you will immediately receive an email with all of the information you need to write the order. If you choose not to get notifications, you can retrieve orders from the Order History section of your admin.

There is no need to change your current order writing system. We simply give you all of the details you need to write it up and handle it as you would any other order. An additional confirmation will go to your client, but does not contain any of the sensitive product information.