"Creative Merchandise has really streamlined my company store programs. I thought the process would be time consuming - but was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to add and customize products. I've saved money by using their sites, credit card processing and support staff. They've really been easy to work with. I'm very satisfied!"
Natalie Young - Performance Marketing

"I just wanted to quickly reach out and thank you all for the work you do for us! Your turnaround is incredibly fast and efficient. Itís really nice to go back to clients with the results so quickly and right! Thank you again for the attention you have given my store/my client."
Erin Heffernan - InnerWorkings, Inc.

"I just wanted to leave a short testimonial to the support that I have received in the last few days regarding our promo store. I recently took over the responsibilities of updating and managing our website and promo store; and after working with your team in the last few days, I know that I can always count on your support. Your excellent service and quick turn around times have made my job easier and it is a pleasure working with you."
Nicole Salvatore - The Perfect Promotion

"Our clients are very impressed how fast and easy the sites were set up. They also have been especially pleased with the ease of navigation on the site and the great product selection. Many of our clients have offices internationally and these sites have given them an easy medium to purchase all their promotional needs in one place."
Andrew Stypa - Promotional Advantage

"You have been so wonderful. Geiger, Laura Holt and I really appreciate you and your team!"
Alison Frazier - Geiger

"I wanted to send a note of thanks and to identify Irvin as a wonderful customer support representative. In the past week, we have gone online with a large bank customer using our website to order apparel. They, like many customers, are very demanding and not knowledgeable in the website arena. I have worked with Irvin on the phone and via e-mails and all my change orders have been done in a timely fashion and charges are always noted up front and I canít thank him enough! I have nothing to say except positive comments in working with Creative Merchandising, and would highly recommend to my various customers."
Stacey L. Falk - Duane Svec Advertising

"Here are just a few of the things I love about Creative Merchandise:
1. A user can put a site up and running in an hour or so. After very little training;
2. The choice of templates and the ability to modify them is superb;
3. The customer support is amazing and friendly;
4. The overall store appearance and functionality is very professional;
5. Very simple to load unique SKU's;
6. Our peer and customer feedback is VERY encouraging;
" Christiane A Hartley - MCM Productions - iPROMOTEu affiliate

"In my 30 years of doing this I think it's very important to thank the people that help make us successful. I LOVE my new web look!! You guys are genius - thank you for the suggestions on how to use the website better. You have been so great to work with."
Sharon Ross - Redheart Promotions

"Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your service. Irvin has been a great help to me over the last year with the websites that I have set up for clients. I have needed a lot of customization done and he has always been there to do just the right thing in the most prompt manner. If it could not be done, we have figured out ways around it that work for me and my client. Your service is great and I hope to continue this relationship for a long time to come. Keep up the good work."
Stacie McGuire - JLM Associates, Inc.

"I wanted to thank you guys for the effort you put in. We just got a $500,000 annual contract and it had a lot to do with you guys being able to send a preview of what it could look like to them."
Robert Bowers - Bowers Promotions/Apparel Connections

"Once again your Customer Service is outstanding. It seems that you answer every question promptly and solve any problem with great answers. You won't get rid of me because you have all the answers!!!"
Chuck Kristie - ASAP Screenprinting, Embroidery & Promotional Products

"Just wanted to take a moment to drop a line and say how awesome itís been working with Gwen Warfield. She has been nothing but professional, nice, knowledgeable and has excellent follow thru. I will highly recommend your service to my friends in the industry."
April May - The Ad Solution, Inc.

"Our new site is what we've been trying to achieve for years. With Creative Merchandise's technology we have total control over which products and suppliers appear on our site. For our clients, navigation is intuitive and product images are clean.

As for getting started, tech support promptly helped us through our questions and requests throughout the setup process. Thanks Creative Merch."
Donna Wexler - Brainstorm

"Thanks for everything you've done. With every website I've had in the past, I've felt that they were just not real 'professional', and quite honestly, didn't send a lot of people to them because of that. This is one I can be proud to send people to. Not over-the-top, but clean, interesting, easy to use and it gets the information to them quickly.
Scott Heavin - The Promotions Lab

"Creative Merchandise has been an integral part of our explosive growth in the past 4-5 years. Their staff is very helpful and their core system allows us the flexibility to build an extremely successful web presence. Creative Merchandise is priceless to us!"
Trae Taylor - Peak Incentives

"I just wanted to tell you it is a pleasure working with Irvin. He is very responsive and he understands my bizarre questions. He is so helpful, I think he should be Employee of the Quarter!"
Jane O. Carman, President & CEO - First Place, Inc.

"I wanted to send you this short note to say Thank you. Everyone at Creative Merchandise has been wonderful to work with. Irvin has been fantastic! Why didn't I make this change years ago? Where have you been all my life? We switched 6 stores all at the same time over to Creative Merchandise and Irvin had to really hold my hand since I am the village idiot when it comes to the technical side of an on line store.

My experience with Creative Merchandise is like they are my partner not just another vendor/customer relationship. This changes everything. I now have new found sense of confidence when selling on line stores. I hope no one else knows about you! Let's keep this our little secret."
Robb Fine, CEO - Fine Promotions, Inc.

"I wanted to take a moment and say how pleased I have been with your outstanding service and your creative web site. I have used your web site successfully over the past year and it generates tremendous interest with my clients. More importantly, it has generated a lot of business for me. The user friendly approach enables my clients to see the latest ideas - that you continuously update. I give out my web address more often than my phone number and I receive orders on a regular basis. Once again, thank you for the way you take care of me. My site has been problem free and my clients appreciate the categorized approach then they want to search for something on their own."
Chris Redner - Promoshop

"Creative Merchandise totally came through! They have been really great with very short notice and responsive to all of my requests."
Jocelyn Azada - Socially Responsible Promotions

"The product we purchased from Creative Merchandise is exactly what we needed to achieve our website goals. They fulfilled our special requests with skill and excellent customer service-not to mention for a great price. Now our website is informative and comprehensive, yet simple and easy to navigate. Most importantly, it is now an effective marketing tool."
Jessica Nelson - Nelson Specialties

"Creative Merchandise has allowed us to very quickly and professionally design customer stores that get us raves from our top clients. We have seen an increase in our ability to compete with much larger distributors because of this service. We would enthusiastically recommend it to anyone, large or small."
Greg Taylor & Stan Barth - Abante Marketing

"The staff at Creative Merchandise is very responsive, friendly and attentive. Their product has vast capabilities and yet so user friendly; simplifying the product options in the promotional product industry. We love working with Creative Merchandise and our clients love their product."
Lexie Sainsbury - EMORO, Inc.

"We have been working with Creative Merchandise for over 6 years. They have been a pleasure to work with. They're responsive, able to handle our website needs (basic and custom), and work with us as a partner rather than a provider."
Kris Robinson - VP @ PromoShop, Inc.

"We set up a Creative Merchandise web site for one of our new customers to use as a company store. They loved it so much, their parent company has asked how they can get one too. This web site really helped open the door for us and now we are selling to the parent company as well."
Ron Thomas - Stowebridge Promotion Group Inc.

"Creative Merchandise was an immediate and effective solution to my company presence on the World Wide Web. We are an idea based company, and I was not interested in having my customers purchase directly from the web. That being said, having the ability to guide my clients to and through my site while we discussed ideas saved me hours and days on sampling. Not to mention FedEx charges. The most common response from my customers has beenÖ " great site, easy to navigate ". Thanks Creative Merchandise for making my job easier, and for making me look good."
Bob Gray - Grayt Idea, Inc.

"In this day it is very hard to find great customer service. I think it is the most important thing a company can offer; you and your team at Creative Merchandise have that. I worked with Irvin and he was very professional, prompt and took care of all the things that needed to be changed to my client's website in less than 24 hours. It makes my life so much easier working with a company like yours and people like Irvin. Thank you very much."
Doug Whitney - Pro Specialties Group, Inc.

"My first impression is pure excitement. I look forward to continuing working with your company. Thank you."
Jeffrey Jordan - Jordan Marketing, Inc.

"This has been the best tool for clients to use! They shop, search for ideas and with a click can tell me that they need pricing and a sample. They love it and it is so user friendly. It is a great addition for any sales person wanting to increase there volume and exposure in the market place."
Bonnie Beltran - PromoShop, Inc.

"The Creative Merchandise team combines best-of-breed product search technology with a deep understanding of the promotional products industry. And they understand what it really means to partner with distribution. Jason and his team are fantastic!"
Nancy Grimes - Boundless Network

"I am actually getting calls from all over the country from people that find my website during their search from apparel or promotional items. On a daily basis I get calls or at least an email inquiry! I wonder where I would be in business if I had had this website all along? It's SOOOOOOOOOOOO professional! I no longer have to search for pictures and email them to my clients (which took up so much of my time). I LOVE my website and your service is TOP NOTCH!"
Nicolette D. Boxe - Monograms, Linen & More LLC

"YOU ROCK!!! Thanks so much. May I just say that both times Iíve asked for assistance, I have recíd a helpful and quick response!! I really appreciate it."
Linda Rotarius - The Corporate Game, Inc.

"I have been using the Creative Merchandise personalized website for over two years. It is an invaluable component in the motor that runs my business. Whenever I get a call from a customer, more often than not, they are asking about an item at which they are currently looking, on my site. And, the ability to easily, completely personalize my site with clients logos and customized items, makes it possible for me to create an extremely important tool for my customers."

"Most importantly, the folks at Creative merchandise are great to work with and always there for you. Jason and the gang bend over backwards to make sure that you get the most out of your site."
Irv Russotto - Proforma Account Executive

I want to thank you for creating such a comprehensive, flexible & user friendly product. It was obviously designed for people like me - not all that tech savvy and just want to sell promotional products. In my 35 years experience in the promotional products industry I have never seen or used anything that even begins to approach the possibilities that Creative Merchandise makes available. I am particularly impressed with the tech support you include with the service. I have never felt "out there on my own" with just a "help button" as I have in other software applications.

Once a client is onboard, the longevity & volume with that client seems to increase across the board. In particular, I love the fact that you can add or delete products which allows for total customization for each client. Understanding what's possible with Creative Merchandise has supported my sales efforts in building a client base that has confidence & trust that we can provide consistent quality products & services.

Primarily I use Creative Merch to build customized company stores for my clients. Sometimes, when they just want to have a peek at some of the stuff available out there, I send people to the site to use it as an online general promotional products catalog. As a prudent small business operator you always have to look at the bottom line. Creative Merchandise is a "revenue generating expense". I am happy to be using it and plan to continue for years to come. Thank you again for your vision & understanding of what is needed & wanted by the distributor.
Cary Weinstein - Promotions

"I just wanted to you let you know that Gwen has done an excellent job at getting our website synced with Creative Merchandise. You guys are really great! I really did appreciate all of the hard work and thoughtful approach to clear explanations of the process.

Thanks so much for all of your help!"
Stephanie Gambill (Creative Director) - Multi-Task Solutions, LLC

"Creative Merchandise has been a huge success - the results speak for themselves!"
Aubrey Cocklin - REB Marketing

"I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to work with you on the recent development of my store. From the start we were on a very tight deadline and we had very specific modelers that needed to be set up to have this store function in the format that was necessary for my customer. You were able to configure my stores to meet all my unique needs. Your support along with your entire team were very supportive during this process and the over all service was outstanding."
Thanks again for everything,
Julie Bobrow (Special Projects Coordinator) - ePromos Promotional Products

"I can't thank you enough for all your help and wonderful customer service."
Nancy Smith - One 2 One Marketing

Share your success story with us; we'd love to hear from you! Let us know how Creative Merchandise has helped your business grow and helped you to maintain great client relationships.